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Welcome to the GNESD Energy Access Knowledge Base

The GNESD Energy Access Knowledge Base is an ongoing collection of energy access cases in Africa, Asia and Latin America. It includes policies, projects or programmes which have led to increased access to energy services for households, communities or small scale businesses.

The main purpose of the knowledge base is to provide easy access to well structured and searchable information about energy access initiatives globally.

Each published case illustrates how a specific demand among the energy poor has been met through sustainable provision of modern energy services.


Currently, most of the cases to the database are contributed by the member centres of the Global Network on Energy for Sustainable Development (GNESD). The GNESD Knowledge Base also receives voluntary contribution of best practice cases from external organisations and companies.

Please note that the GNESD Secretariat is ultimately not responsible for the cases but only for publicising them through the knowledge base. Ownership of or responsibility for the individual projects or cases is indicated on each specific caes page.

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